Leavenworth Neighborhood Association

Leavenworth Neighborhood Association partnered with me to create a new logo, brand, and web page design for the 30-year-old organization. The Leavenworth Neighborhood Association was formed in 1984. LNA brings together residents, business and property owners to work toward improving the quality of life in the area. The area is full of developers and a renewed interest in the redevelopment of the area. LNA believed it was time to create a fresh new look that embraced both the rich history and the continual evolution of the neighborhood. I approached the website like I would a local business website design because the site had to appear genuine and reputable. A crucial part of this branding process was to do a survey of the area, to get an idea of what their constituents wanted.

Logo, Graphic Design, Color Palette, Illustration, Website, Print

Leavenworth-Omaha-local business website design

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