Lets Kick this Thing Off!


Welcome to my first blog post on my freelance design site! I have been on the fence about starting one for a while, but I am ready for the commitment.

I am an avid blog reader, so this was a natural step for me, some of my favorites being, DLR Prep School, Afford Anything, and The Frugalwoods. My great passions in life are personal finance, Disney parks, and being a web designer. #CantStopWontStop

Last month marked the beginning of the second year in business. Over this time, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing clients in a broad spectrum of industries. The experiences I’ve had have been amazing and have led me down many unexpected and exciting paths. I used these experiences to design and build my new site as well as my blog!

This blog should be most helpful for people working with a designer. I want to unveil the mystery of the design process, and help people become great collaborators by sharing the experiences I have had as a freelance web designer / developer in Omaha. I am excited about showcasing new projects and highlighting some of my favorite clients. Also, don’t be surprised if I have a post or two about my Disney obsession!

The blog won’t be full of tutorials or focused on designer esoteric interests. So if this interests you, subscribe to my email on the right, and I’ll let you know when a new blog post comes out. Scouts honor, no spammy messages or selling your information.

I am currently accepting new freelance clients

If you have a great idea or project, I’d love to hear from you.