Why I Choose WordPress for my Clients

When I start a web project, I tend to vary my process to best fit my client’s needs. Obviously a neighborhood association is going have a vastly different set of needs than a bank. The one constant in my web page design process is the use of WordPress. WordPress is my go-to content management system for the majority of my clients.

What is WordPress?

There is a ton of articles that can do a better job of explaining what WordPress is. To me, WordPress is a client’s way of becoming independent. WordPress provides the tools for a client to self-manage a website with ease. I have WordPress training built into my process because I don’t want to give my clients a tool they don’t understand. Lucky for me, it is a very intuitive tool to use.

It does have it’s quirks, many of which have been ironed out since it was released in 2003. With the appropriate setup, WordPress can be a dream to manage the content on your site.


There are no restrictions on the design of a site with WordPress. As a designer who specialties in this CMS (Content management system), I can make it happen.

It can also be used for every budget of client. On the lower end, an existing theme can be utilized and modified. Some of the world’s largest companies use this platform.

One of the best uses of WordPress is for selling things online, e-commerce. I have worked with other platforms, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, but I still come back to WordPress for its versatility and user-friendly design.

Cons of WordPress

Of course nothing is perfect, it does come with flaws. For starters, it is easy to build a terrible site, especially with WordPress. It makes it easy to style and add functionality on the fly. I believe that everything on your site should serve a purpose. I hope a rainbow gradient background and comic sans navigation do not represent your business, but if it does, who am i to argue with that?

With the right tools, on-page optimization can be fairly straightforward. With the wrong tools, your site would be lucky to show up on the first 100 pages of Google. Sometimes WordPress provides too many tools and options, all of which are not created equal. It takes someone with knowledge and experience to select and setup these tools, so your customers can find you.

Ultimately WordPress isn’t a silver bullet, but in the right hands, it can be a valuable tool that can help develop and grow your business. If you have any more questions about WordPress or how it can help your business, email me at jordanmichaelbecker@gmail.com.

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